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Ah man, where to start…

We could argue about the reason people make financial decisions. Let’s be honest, nobody’s the same but we tend to receive the same treatments.

Based on assumptions, financial decisions are often made by who can offer the lowest costs. Well, for some people that’s the only factor. While others can be persuaded to go for a more expensive solution in exchange for something they value more.

It’s all about preferences, little deliberations which weigh up and form a final decision.

How can we know what every individual wants? That’s the thing, you can’t. Unless you ask them what they want! This is where our methodology comes in. At 0smosis we create financial services at a rapid pace. Meaning we don’t have time for intricate studies or extensive analyse to build a product people will love.

We don’t assume we know what our customers want, we build something based on a Job To Be Done, ship it ASAP and gather feedback, finding out what customers want. Even if our product is far from finished. We build towards a finished product.

User Experience is key!

If you make sure your customer has a great experience, nothing else matters.

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This is something we’ve noticed throughout our process of building ventures for 0smosis. People don’t care about the plate your solution’s presented on. They care about what they get served.

Let me put it this way: Would you rather see a movie with a great story made with a small filming budget, or a movie with a boring story made with a huge filming budget?

Think about that when building your next product!

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