Teamwork makes the dream work.

We are a bunch of FinTech nerds that all just want the same thing. Making financial services better. If you can relate to that, why aren’t you joining our mission?
Jori Clijmans - 0smosis Founder, Partner

Jori Clijmans

Founding Partner

Ability to convert anything into a delicious dish

Walks multiple kilometres within the office per month while calling

Geert Van Kerckhoven

Geert Van Kerckhoven

Founding Partner

Ability to pack 48 hours into 24

Is afraid of cheese

Len Adriaenssens

Len Adriaenssens

Founding Partner

Can not be angry nor stressed

Gets haunted by pigeons 

Arno Ravijts

Arno Ravijts

Frontend Developer, UXer

Eats spaghetti everyday inbetween front-ending 😉
Owns an insane amount of hot sauces.
Wouter Lachat

Wouter Lachat

CPO Oper

Get shit done and Rabbit dad
When drunk, he ambushes you to tell stories about his pets.

Anton De Meester

Fullstack Developer

Complex problem solver and dancer.

Studied nano tech

Nick Van Berckelaer

Nick Van Berckelaer

CTO Oper

Creative techie on Birkenstocks

Loves Destiny’s Child

Caroline Pasmans

Caroline Pasmans

Head of HR & People Mgmt

Helps people achieve their goals while wearing checkerboard old school vans.
Only cooks in pink pottery. Signature dish: Lasagna

Free Boulembercq

Head of Advisory APAC

Ability to perform, despite the attention span of a 4 year old

When standing on a height, I will get afraid of heights by looking up instead of looking down.

Annemie De Kooning

CEO Build-Eye

Multitasking, getting things done without losing my shit

When people move their brows in a special way – I start shaking.

Anton Libert

Co-Founder Helder Lenen

Ability to always stay positive.

Ponds are never safe with me around.

Caroline Dumont

Office Manager

Happy maker at the office. Miss funny pants.

Wants to be a mermaid.