Cool Jobs for amazing people.

What do you need to build the future of financial services? Great people? No. The greatest! That’s what we’ve been striving for ever since we started. Our offer? We encourage you to become the best version of yourself.

We are looking for

0smosis Venture Studio Antwerpen

Oh hey, someone’s missing in this picture  👆 Meet the whole team here.

We are . . .


We have that go get it mentality…

Way too honest

We are a start-up and so by definition we are cool but not perfect. We started in 2017 and until this day we keep on learning. We are open books about this and are happy to talk about our epic fails! Read our blogs….

Retrospective experts

We practice what we preach. The thing about being start-up is that we keep on learning and we are complete experts in implementing everything we learned in a new and improved model. Needless to say that this model is a bit like Belgian streets, always under construction. 


This should be the main rule in life for us. Everybody is different, has his/her own superpowers and rhythm. We don’t judge, we admire!

Investing hard in each other

We believe that by helping you achieve all your personal goals we grow together. That’s why we put a lot of effort in creating goalplans with quarterly goals. We mentor you towards those goals. Interested in the way it works? Contact us!