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Frontend Developer


We are looking for smart, motivated big thinkers and doers who want more than an average job.

  • We value a Bachelor’s in Applied Informatics or Graphic and Digital Design as much as expertise by experience.
  • You master the base Front End skills (HTML, XML, CSS, JS, HTTP) and have experience with frameworks such as Angular, React, VueJS, etc…
  • We go from idea to reality in a heartbeat. Design, prototype and pitch. The tools you choose are up to you, we trust you to get it done.
  • There’s no use in creating a masterpiece if you can’t show it. You leverage cloud infrastructure to host your project without losing time on ops.
  • Mobile development is another trick up your sleeve. iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Ionic, … you know what we’re talking about.
  • Lastly, you get a backend server up and running using NodeJS, PHP or Python.


  • An entrepreneurial mindset or start-up experience
  • An impressive portfolio of past projects
  • Growth hacking, advertising, scaling, you got your feet wet.
Caroline Pasmans

Hi, I'm Caro

I am responsible to assemble and maintain the 0smosis A-Team. I’d be more than happy to get to know you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via


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