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Apply today and join an exceptional team of young people with a deep passion for Fintech!

Fintech Advisor

What the is a Fintech Advisory?

We decided that some positions require a very specific training, especially if you want to become a C level person. So you are able to be the best person for the job.

Basically, we build you into the next gen awesome (team)leader you always wanted to be.


During a training where you will go on various projects to expand your knowledge and skills you learn a lot about yourself and about the position you want to be in. 

We will be your Home HQ, your team. And we'll take you to great places! For teambuilding events for example. You'll never stand alone! And the main goal, of course, is for you to become the best version of yourself.

While you work on your knowledge and tools, the 0smosis team is creating a very awesome and innovative Fin-tech Start-up for you!

So when you're ready you can just slide into one of the ventures.


"By giving you the opportunity to work with a lot of big companies but also 0smosis itself"

We are going to build a very special program for people just like you! Nobody is the same and that’s why we are giving you a tailored program. Like that you will be able to work at your highest potential!

We will guide you through the process of learning everything there is to learn about Leadership, Fin-tech, Human Approach, ...

The job

You are getting ready for your very own job in one of the ventures 0smosis made!

You’ll periodically work with 0smosis to create Fintech/ Insurtech ideas that will change the world

You will work in different settings and by that we mean different companies. That way you can absorb as much knowledge as possible and improve your already awesome skills


We are looking for smart, motivated big thinkers who want more than your average job.

You have a Bachelors or a Masters degree

You have an entrepreneurial mind and show a lot of interest in technical solutions for financial problems You are creative and innovative by nature

You already have some working experience (between 2 and 7 years)

You are extraordinary in your own way

You value teamwork

You’ve always dreamed about having your own start-up

The process

Get in touch with us and make sure to include your details.


We'll review your application and set up an interview.


If you're a good fit, we'll call and offer you the position.


What we have to offer

We are a young organization, with a strong ambition to change things around.
Therefore, we offer an environment where you will be challenged relentlessly to grow personally.

As we are a dynamic firm, we are flexible in terms of the way you want to work. To support our growth however, we are only looking for the best people.

To get the best we are fully aware that you need to offer the best working conditions. Hence our offer (financially and personally) will match those of our targeted peers. 

Continuous coaching that will expand your skill toolset to the fullest. Think about all the business and growth ideas you will catch up,... To eventually become the leader of your very own startup!

Continuous learning opportunities internally as well as externally

Access to world leading industry conferences. We fully support you to take part in these conferences. It’s a great way to keep on learning

We guide you to become the best version of yourself