We build, validate and launch

FinTech startups in less than 6 weeks.

"The fastest way to the best mortgage"

Our ventures

"When product's value is based on provenance, proving it's value is key."

"Supporting start-ups in building meaningfull relationships."


"Building the future of the credit industry, one API at a time"

Our services


No buzzwords but blitz action. In this program we prototype and market test your future state. Together we test what you would normally only dare to dream and assess its viability.


Limitless innovation and value creation outside of your corporate walls. We build a company out of an idea from the ground up and scale it to a marketable product.


We breathe launching new great products using cutting-edge technologies. We love to share these learnings with you through seminars, in-company trainings and conference speaking opportunities.

The founders

Len Adriaenssens

The youngest of the three partners has built up an enormous know-how about Financial Services as a consultant. Len is an easy to get along with, conversable guy who is always into a chat when you bump into him.


Jori Clijmans

Jori has elaborate experience in organizational transformations and digital solutions delivery, both in corporates and start-ups. He loves pragmatism, logic and agile ways of working, applied both professionally as while cooking.


Geert Van Kerckhoven

Geert has 9+ years of experience in Financial Services working as a management consultant as well as a jack-of-all trades within FinTech start ups. He loves to build innovative product to test his thousand and one ideas.

Antwerp HQ - StartUp Village

Lange Gasthuisstraat 29
2000 Antwerp


Brussels HQ - Co.Station

Parvis Sainte-Gudule 5

1000 Brussels